Local woman’s eyesight saved by laser surgery

Clair (left) and Mary

A Carnoustie woman’s sight has been saved by laser surgery following a retinal tear.

Mary Heywood visited Specsavers in Arbroath as soon as she began to experience flashes and floaters in her vision. An exam revealed Mary had a condition called posterior vitreous detachment in one eye.

She was advised to contact the shop immediately if her symptoms worsened.

A few days later, her symptoms deteriorated, so principal optometrist Clair Donaldson saw her that same day and discovered a retinal tear had developed.

She said: ‘Thankfully, Mrs Heywood followed our advice and did the right thing by arranging another exam.

“If she didn’t have it checked out, there is a high chance she would have developed a retinal detachment and suffered permanent vision loss.”

Mary said she was immediately referred to the Hospital Eye Service at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee where she had laser treatment.

She said: “Shortly afterwards, I developed the same symptoms in my other eye and returned to the hospital for further laser treatment. Both were successful.”

Mary has shared her experience because she wants to warn others not to be complacent about their vision and to “book an appointment if you experience anything out of the ordinary”.

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