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What is Hyperopia and What Are the Correction Options?

Having the ability to see well is one of the essential requirements of living but few people actually have 20/20 vision. One of the most common problems is Hyperopia. Hyperopia is basically farsightedness. It’s one of the most common eye problems. It can not only affect your vision but also your overall well being and your quality of life, as your daily efficiency is decreased. Basically, you’ll be able to see objects well in the distance, while your vision will be blurrier closer up. This is also a problem that develops as you get older.


It may be time to visit an eye doctor to see how this problem can be corrected. Eye doctors will diagnose your Hyperopia. This condition can develop when the distance between your cornea and retina is too short. This basically displaces light rays instead of the image settling onto your retina; it will place it behind it. This creates vision problems. This condition can also be hereditary, so if your parents have farsightedness, most likely you do too. Usually people get this condition in their childhood.

Hyperopia Symptoms

If you are having any of the following issues, a trip to the eye doctors may be in order. Do you have a hard time reading books? Perhaps you have trouble when doing sewing, crafting, or cooking. You can have severe headaches and nausea when trying to complete these tasks. Yet you may still be able to see mountains in the distance. You may have no trouble driving, as you can see street signs, lights, and other vehicles easily.

Choosing LASIK

Eye doctors will test your eyes to diagnose your condition. You may be prescribed eye glasses or contact lenses for vision correction. One other solution, which is more permanent, is to have eye laser surgery. LASIK surgery is one option that can be done at the eye doctors’ clinic. It can not only correct Hyperopia but myopia and astigmatism too. Basically all of these conditions are caused by the shape of the eyes.


One thing that eye laser surgery still isn’t good at correcting is Presbyopia, which is caused by the hardening and thickening of the eye’s lenses.  Perhaps one of the best reasons for vision correction by eye laser surgery is so that you can read again without using glasses or contact lenses. You’ll also discover how your headaches and nausea will go away.


Modern LASIK surgery will correct reading problems. Some people have different vision problems in each eye, so each will be carefully evaluated. One eye may require different treatment than the other. Your eye doctors will advise you on the best course of treatment so you can regain your 20/20 vision.

Looking for the Right Solution

If you are suffering from Hyperopia and tired of not being able to see up close without reading glasses, or you are always feeling unwell, please book an appointment at our eye doctors today. Eye laser surgery will correct your vision so you can now focus on the world both sharply and clearly.


If you are looking to reduce or even get rid of your eye glasses and/or contacts let us at Rohr Eye & Laser Center help you! We offer several types of LASIK eye surgery including PRK, AK, CK, Cataracts surgery and more. We perform all these eye laser treatments with state of the art equipment. We are a leader in laser vision correction, and our goal is to help you achieve superior vision. Contact us today or view our website http://www.michiganlasik.com/  to schedule an appointment.


Laser Eye Surgery Follow Up Care Critical for Success

laser eye surgery follow up careLaser eye surgery follow up care is critical for successful eye surgery outcomes. At Rohr Eye and Laser Center, we schedule follow-up visits after one day, one week, 1-3 months, and annually after laser eye surgery. Unlike some ophthalmologists, Dr. Rohr does not charge extra for post-operative follow-up visits.

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What is the Best Age to Get LASIK Eye Surgery?

When is the best age to get LASIK eye surgery?

While LASIK eye surgery can be performed at any age, as we grow older, our eyes change, and the success of laser eye surgery changes too. There is no perfect age for laser eye surgery. However, there are several considerations you and your eye surgeon should discuss to learn if you are a good candidate for LASIK.

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Cheap Lasik Surgery Comes at a Price

If you’re around long enough, eventually you’ll see ads for cheap Lasik Surgery. In some cases, you can see advertisements claiming to offer Lasik for as low as $299 per eye!

Everyone has heard that Lasik used to be expensive. But with Lasik surgery now over 30 years old, you might think “couldn’t the prices have come down since then?” Of course, your next thought is, “I bet those other guys are just trying to rip me off.” Unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth.

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Lasik Eye Surgery In Michigan

A quick Google search for Lasik Eye Surgery in Michigan will return hundreds of results, all promising great service and bargain prices.

If you are interested in laser corrective eye surgery (Lasik vs Lasek -what’s the difference?) here is a checklist of things to keep in mind before you select a doctor for your procedure.

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Experts Agree: LASIK Surgery is Safe

If you’re considering LASIK Surgery, you may have wondered what the experts say about the procedure. Hundreds of thousands of people just like you have had LASIK surgery. If there was a question about its safety, comfort or effectiveness, you would have known by now.

Fortunately, the reviews are in: LASIK surgery is completely safe if you use a professional eye care surgeon like Dr. Rohr at MichiganLasik.com. But don’t take our word for it – read what the experts have to say:

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Considering Lasik Eye Surgery?

Perfect vision is something we all wish for.  Wearing contacts and eye glasses are an inconvenience.  They tend to get in the way while pursuing sports and many recreational activities.  This is the reason many people seek LASIK treatment.  With LASIK eye surgery the patient has surgery using a laser to reshape the eyes cornea.  The cornea is the clear dome that makes up the front of your eye.  The cornea is shaped to improve your focus of light rays sent to the retina.

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Living Life Without The Hassle Of Glasses Or Contact Lens

If you are one of the millions of people that are living life with the hassles of wearing glasses and contacts I bet you are also one of the million that have thought about Lasik eye surgery.  Lasik is a procedure used to correct vision by reshaping your cornea using a laser. The cornea of your eye is the clear round area that is shaped like a dome in the front of your eye.  Lasik improves the way the eye centers light onto the retina.  Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis or Lasik for short is growing in popularity for the many ways it eases the life of contact and eye glass wearers.

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