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Improve your vision with laser precision

Improve your vision with laser precision



Advances in medical technology allows us to do things we only dreamed of several years ago. New procedures and devices improves quality of life for many around the globe. Among these procedures favorited by thousands of people is Lasik surgery. It is estimated that six thousand people, in the United States alone choose to get this procedure done.

Imagine waking up every morning without having to reach for your glasses or contact lenses. Sounds like a dream, right? Now, that is possible with Lasik. But how does it work? Dr. Norman Zaffater, an Ophthalmology Specialist, explains.

“Laser technology is used to correct prescriptions, whether its nearsighted or farsighted or astigmatism. Basically Lasik reshapes or contours the cornea to offset your prescription.”

Over the past 20 years, this type of surgery has improved, making it safer, faster, painless and accurate.

“Now we are using lasers to the whole procedure. Before we actually used blades to create a small corona flap and laser underneath”, he said.

Some people mistake PRK with Lasik. PRK is a different procedure, with essentially the same result. The difference is the immediacy.

He explained, “everybody wants an immediate improvement. So with Lasik there’s sharp clear vision the next day for sure.”

For the most part, anyone can have Lasik, even if you’ve had previous eye surgery, for example cataracts. But there are exceptions. Dr. Zaffater says it’s best to talk to talk to a specialist and evaluate all your options.

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Original Date: Sept 26 2018

Written By: Roxette Pietri-Freeman