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Research Uncovers Link between Dehydration and Dry Eye

"We found this informative article published by the Boston Foundation for Sight about Dry Eyes that we would like to share with you. If you are suffering from Dry Eyes contact The Rohr Eye and Laser Center today"iStock_000011414113MediumArticle Courtesy of: The Boston Foundation for SightOne of the most common reasons that people visit an eye care professional is dry eye. Dry eye syndrome has many varied causes, including the body not producing enough tears, tear production that lacks enough oily or mucous components, eye surgery complications, or systemic illness that affects the eyes.Although BostonSight® PROSE treatment helps many patients overcome the painful symptoms that result from moderate to severe dry eye, home care also helps promote comfort in conjunction with PROSE treatment. Drinking plenty of fluids is often recommended and seems to be a rather simplistic solution for dry eye. Does staying hydrated really have an impact on dry eye? New research finally answers this question. In the first study of its kind, researchers at the University of Bangor in the United Kingdom set out to determine whether there was a relationship between dehydration and dry eye. They selected a small group of older patients for this study as dry eye is prevalent in this age group and there is also a greater susceptibility for dehydration among older adults. In assessing each individual for hydration levels and degree of dry eye, these researchers found that higher rates of dry eye were directly correlated with those who had sub-optimal levels of hydration.These study conclusions provide preliminary evidence for the importance of those with dry eye to ensure adequate hydration. Drinking plenty of fluids is an important component of self-care treatment for dry eye in addition to being necessary for good overall health. It is hoped that future larger-scale studies with this focus will replicate these same results. Perhaps further research may identify whether specific whole-body hydration might be a therapeutic intervention for those who suffer from dry eye.Have you found that staying well hydrated helps with your dry eye symptoms? What other self-care strategies have worked best for you?